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Water Cooled TC-36W43

TEMP-COOL® mobile water-cooled air conditioners are best for areas where it is not possible to exhaust hot air created by the air conditioner’s compressor outside the space through a ceiling tile, window, or other ducted opening. Rather than moving the heated air outside of the space, the heat is instead transformed to water and externally drained. These small, compact units require access to a continuous water supply, such as a sink, as well as a drain to discharge the hot water. Water-cooled air conditioners work well in very hot settings in comparison to air-cooled units. Applications for water cooled air conditioners include tightly enclosed structures such as the interior rooms of a building with fixed ceilings or cell blocks.
  • Three Phase Monitor
  • 24 Volt Control Circuit
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Locking Front Casters
  • Two-Speed Fan Switch
  • Water Regulating Valve
  • Condensate Alarm Light
  • High Pressure Safety Switch
  • Washable Electrostatic Air Filter
  • Rear Swivel Ball Bearing Casters
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TC-36W43 Specifications

Cooling Tons 3
Cooling Capacity (BTU/HR) 36,100
Power Supply 460/3/60/10
Square Footage Cooling 1,001-1,500
Unit Amps 4.7
Recommended Circuit Amps 10
NEMA Plug Type L16-20P
Evaporator CFM 1,200
Condenser Water Flow GPM 60°F Inlet 2.2
Condenser Water Flow GPM 85°F Inlet 9
Condenser Coil Pressure Drop (PSI) 0.4
Condensate Pump Head (FT) 20
Sound Level (dB) 62
R-410A Charge (OZ) 24
Dimensions (IN) 18x29x51
Net Weight (LB) 305
Shipping Weight (LB) 335