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Portable Air Conditioners

Water Cooled

TEMP-COOL water cooled units provide effective cooling in tightly enclosed spaces.


TEMP-COOL® mobile water-cooled air conditioners are best for areas where it is not possible to exhaust hot air created by the air conditioner’s compressor outside the space through a ceiling tile, window, or other ducted opening. Rather than moving the heated air outside of the space, the heat is instead transformed to water and externally drained. These small, compact units require access to a continuous water supply, such as a sink, as well as a drain to discharge the hot water. Water-cooled air conditioners work well in very hot settings in comparison to air-cooled units. Applications for water cooled air conditioners include tightly enclosed structures such as the interior rooms of a building with fixed ceilings or cell blocks.

Water-Cooled Units

Model Cooling Tons Cooling Capacity (BTU/HR) Power Supply
TC-12W Full Details 1 12,000 115/1/60/15
TC-18W Full Details 1.5 18,000 115/1/60/15
TC-24W21 Full Details 2 23,950 208-230/1/60/20
TC-36W21 Full Details 3 36,100 208-230/1/60/20
TC-36W23 Full Details 3 36,100 208-230/3/60/20
TC-36W43 Full Details 3 36,100 460/3/60/10
TC-60W21 Full Details 6 60,100 208-230/1/60/30
TC-60W23 Full Details 6 60,100 208-230/3/60/30
TC-60W43 Full Details 6 60,100 460/3/60/20