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Portable HVAC Units

Heat Pumps

TEMP-COOL heat pumps provide supplemental heating or cooling year-round.


TEMP-COOL® portable heat pumps provide the option to either heat or cool a space allowing for ultimate temperature control flexibility. These units also have a moisture control mode to reduce humidity. This type of unit works well for areas that require supplemental temperature control year-round. These mobile heat pumps are manufactured with a powder-coated 18 gauge sheet metal cabinet and heavy duty casters. Our portable heat pumps can cool down a space to as low as 55°F. Heat pump applications include the temporary heating or cooling of tent events, server rooms, school classrooms, and other spaces requiring supplemental temperature control.

Heat Pump Units

Model Cooling / Heating Tons Cooling Capacity (BTU/HR) Power Supply
TC-12HP Full Details 1 11,800 115/1/60/15
TC-18HP Full Details 1.5 16,800 115/1/60/20
TC-24HP Full Details 2 23,500 208-230/1/60/20
TC-3612HP Full Details 3 36,050 208-230/1/60/30
TC-3623HP Full Details 3 36,050 208-230/3/60/30
TC-3643HP Full Details 3 36,050 460/3/60/20
TC-6021HP Full Details 6 60,100 208-230/1/60/50
TC-6023HP Full Details 6 60,100 208-230/3/60/30
TC-6043HP Full Details 6 60,100 460/3/60/20